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here i'm alive

everything all of the time

the first of the children
7 May
I'm duh-duh-done with all the fuh-fuh-fucking around.
28 days later, a perfect circle, africa, afrikaans, amélie, androgyny, angel juan, angelina jolie, ani difranco, art, bam margera, benny and joon, bhangra, bloc party, blood, brandon dicamillo, bread and water, brian molko, bridge builders, bright eyes, charcoal, chinese food, chocolate, christianity, cky, creativity, csi, cursive, dancing, dave chappelle, ddr, deftones, desis, devil may cry, diwali, donnie darko, drawing, dreds, equal rights, eyeliner, fastlane, feminism, few left standing, film, fischerspooner, foo fighters, francesca lia block, garbage, girl interrupted, god, godspeed you black emperor!, h.i.m., hello kitty, henna, hindi, hot-sleepers, incense, incubus, india, indian dances, indian food, indian music, indie, intelligence, jasmine, java cabana, johnny depp, joseph hayden, kabuki, kenna, kill bill, le tigre, lipstick, long hair, m.i.a., maharani, makeup, massive attack, memphis, metal, meursault, modest mouse, mondrian, moshing, movies, muse, music, nag champa, nine inch nails, nirvana, nny, no doubt, ocean's 11, open minds, orlando bloom, photography, placebo, pro-choice, punjabi mc, retro, sag paneer, sandman, sandra cisneros, scarves, setsuna, sharpies, short stories, sketching, sleeping, sonic youth, sotho, south africa, submission hold, subways, sushi, system of a down, tattoos, tea, team dresch, tegan and sara, text messages, thai food, the cocker spaniels, the killers, the postal service, the smashing pumpkins, the strokes, the white stripes, tony hawk, vampires, vegetable korma, velvet, velvet goldmine, waking life, weetzie bat, wiley wiggins, witch baby, women's rights, writing, yig, yoko kanno, youth legislature, z?, zulu, zwan